Lesbian Kamasutra : A cute story


Lesbian Kama Sutra : A cute story

Julie is waiting impatiently for Marguerite to arrive. Marguerite has promised her an unforgettable evening, and it’s the perfect occasion, since this Friday happens to be February 14th. Although in truth, Marguerite never feels she has to wait for a special day to prove her love to Julie.

They’ve been living together for seven years, so they often play sexual games to boost their love. They still need to feel those delightful shivers, just at the lowest point of the belly. It’s not that easy keeping sexual desire alive, and it’s hard to stop things becoming routine. But they do succeed, thanks to the sexy games they play.


Julie is wearing a light black dress and stockings that she has attached to her suspender belt. And black lace underwear especially for Marguerite, who adores it. All day long, Marguerite and Julie have been sending each other text messages to get into the right condition. They’ve been stirring up desire. Tonight Marguerite will come and pick up Julie for yet another “first” time.

Julie is waiting impatiently. Then, the sound of a car coming down the driveway. The engine falls silent, and she hears footsteps on the gravel. The doorbell rings. Julie gets up and opens the door. Marguerite is standing there, her long brown hair swept up in a perfect ponytail, lighting up her beautiful face. She’s wearing a white shirt under a black jacket, and trousers which nicely hug her generous form.

“Good evening, my love. You’re beautiful,” Marguerite tells her, giving her a huge bouquet of flowers.

“Thank you! They smell wonderful. I’ll put them in a vase before we leave. Do you want to come in for a few minutes? Can I offer you a drink before we leave?

“With pleasure.”

Marguerite sits down on the couch, and Julie shivers in anticipation. She puts the flowers in the vase.  Marguerite watches her, telling herself how grateful she is for what they have together. She wonders how many couples, after seven years, feel the same sexual desire that they have for each other.

Julie comes over with two glasses of red wine, and hands one to Marguerite. They look at each other, smiling, and drink a toast to their love. Julie wants to kiss Marguerite, while Marguerite wants to caress Julie’s beautiful thighs. But they hold back. They talk only a little; they usually enjoy chatting, laughing and talking about their day, but tonight they don’t. Tonight it’s their bodies that will talk, and their sexual desire that will be expressed.

At the car, Marguerite opens the door for Julie. As Julie sits down, she thinks that all these years haven’t changed the behaviour of her girlfriend one bit. She’s still a real gentlewoman.

In the restaurant, Marguerite and Julie read the menu. They know what they’re going to eat, but they act as if they don’t. They look at each other, feeling the sexual tension which swells and reddens their lips, and puts a sparkle in their eyes.

They begin to flirt, falling under each other’s charm. At the table next to them there’s another couple, a man and a woman, but they feel as if they were the only ones on earth, inside their own love bubble. The couple next to them aren’t speaking, or looking at each other. They’ve obviously come to the restaurant for Valentine’s Day, but he’s mainly looking at his cell phone, and she’s  mainly looking at her plate.

Marguerite and Julie talk softly. Marguerite is gently touching Julie’s hand. Julie shivers, wants more; she longs for more of the expert caresses of her lover, her best friend, her other half. The whole time they’re at the restaurant, desire stirs in them, as they gaze at each other, knowing what they have in mind.

When they get home, Julie offers a last drink to Marguerite. Marguerite lays her jacket down on the couch. She takes Julie in her arms and kisses her, passionately.

“Tonight was wonderful,” says Julie, her eyes full of emotion.

“It’s only just begun,” says Marguerite. “I want you.” She slips her hands under the fabric of Julie’s light black dress…


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