Lesbian Sex toy POP

This lesbian sex toy has been the subject of many discussions in our team. WetForHer is known for being a designer of non-realistic sex toys…so some of you might ask why we would add a realistic sex toy into our range.

POP sex toy is not just any old sex toy. Stephanie created the POP sex toy, and it now gives you the opportunity to place sperm inside it. When you make love with your girlfriend, lovingly introduce the sperm into her using the pump in your hand.

It’s a brilliant idea and can be of help to all lesbian couples wanting a baby. Buy some sperm or ask a friendly donor … give it a go in total privacy, with no doctors around ;-).

Some of our staff think that it may be too close to straight couples making babies. But we thought that all lesbian couples wanting a baby should be aware of the existence of this sex toy as a great alternative to using a turkey-baster. That’s why we agreed that Wet For Her should carry it. So today, we’re extremely proud to announce that the POP sex toy  is available on the Wet For Her website. The POP sextoy is available in Pink, Black and Vanilla. It’s priced at $139.95 and it also comes with the Tomboi Spareparts strap-on pack.




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