Strap-ons harnesses versus Double ended dildo

strap-ons vs strapless sex toys

In the great search for the perfect pleasure toy, many couples consider using a strap-on toy because of its versatility.  Yet, some women hesitate when looking for a strapless sex toy  also called double ended dildo to share with their girlfriends or wives, in part because it’s difficult to wade through all of the different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles on the market. And sadly, many more have had the disappointment of purchasing what they hoped would work for them, only to find out that it was ill-fitting, or the wrong size or shape, or it simply just didn’t hold up well.

Strap-on and strapless dildos are a bit different in their preparation for use. With a strap-on dildo you can be ready in a second and give pleasure ot your partner without the need for the giver to be exited. The strapless dildo requires the wearer to be turned on to enter the bulb in her. The receiver will need to excite her partner so her vagina moistens and opens to insert the bulb in the wearer. The more exited the wearer is, the easier the bulb will enter.

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Lesbian Sex toy POP

This lesbian sex toy has been the subject of many discussions in our team. WetForHer is known for being a designer of non-realistic sex toys…so some of you might ask why we would add a realistic sex toy into our range.

POP sex toy is not just any old sex toy. Stephanie created the POP sex toy, and it now gives you the opportunity to place sperm inside it. When you make love with your girlfriend, lovingly introduce the sperm into her using the pump in your hand.

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Union : the new Double ended lesbian sex toys


This is the sex toy bestseller for lesbian couples. The double ended dildo is unique because it truly becomes part of you, feeling like an extension of your body. Providing simultaneous pleasure for lesbian couples, there’s no harness to slip into.  It’s skin-to-skin, total intimacy, with nothing in between you and your partner.

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WetForHer Interview in

WET FOR HER Legs and heel pics

In the highly competitive sex toy industry, one woman stands out. As is common is many industries, the design and manufacture of sex toys is dominated by men. But thanks to Alice, lesbians have the option now to buy from a company that understands the needs and desires of lesbians.   Wet For Her offers lesbians a line of products for women by women and designed specifically for lesbian sexual enjoyment, which has been lacking for years. Lesbian Life had a chance to interview Alice, the founder of Wet For Her about what makes her company unique and especially desirable for lesbians.


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Lesbian Sex toy review : Fusion sex toy review by


The Dildo We’ve Been Waiting For: The Fusion, For Women By Women

If you’re anything like me, you’re not really drawn to adult sex toys that look like a penis, an inanimate object, or a weapon.

Oh, and balls sacs. How could I forget balls sacs?! That’s why I was pleasantly surprised that the Fusion lesbian sex toy, a harness sex toy by Wet For Her, was sleek and purple with no dangling appendages in sight (it also comes in pink and black). The packaging is also super chic. Designed in Paris, I felt like I was unwrapping a new Apple product. (iDildo, anyone?) What makes this adult sex toy super special is the built in clitoral stimulation at the base. I couldn’t wait to experience the dual partner-pleasure with my lady.


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