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In the highly competitive sex toy industry, one woman stands out. As is common is many industries, the design and manufacture of sex toys is dominated by men. But thanks to Alice, lesbians have the option now to buy from a company that understands the needs and desires of lesbians.   Wet For Her offers lesbians a line of products for women by women and designed specifically for lesbian sexual enjoyment, which has been lacking for years. Lesbian Life had a chance to interview Alice, the founder of Wet For Her about what makes her company unique and especially desirable for lesbians.


Lesbian Life: Tell me why you started a sex toy company just for lesbians?

Alice: Wet For Her started when my girlfriend and I were looking for a non-realistic strap-on sex toy and we couldn’t find one. There were tons of realistic ones with sac balls, veins with cheap packaging. Nothing really specifically catering to us lesbians. Also the only sex toys offered to our community were strap-ons and we thought that may be we could create something different that will enhance how we make love. We came up the idea of a finger extender. A dildo that you could slip on your fingers. That will give you more strength, larger and longer fingers. Toy TWO was born.

Your toys are designed specifically with lesbians in mind. I’ve always wondered, who designs sex toys? What kind of background does a sex toy designer have?

Designers are coming from an Art School or a Design University. The most important knowledge that they need to have is 3D software. From an idea or a 2D drawing they will design a 3D product.At Wet For Her we have our talented designer Jessica. It’s very important to have a woman designer when you are creating sex toys for women. Who knows better a woman’s body than a lesbian ?

And what makes these toys lesbian-specific? What is different about these toys than ones we might find at a different sex toy shop?

We are designers and manufacturers. We designed all our sex toys with lesbians in mind. This gives them some features that you won’t find in other sex toy companies: shape, stiffness, smell, materials used and compatibility with harnesses.  Our sex toys are non-realistic giving a new approach to sex toys. We are not creating products to replace what we don’t have (penis); we are creating products that enhance our pleasure.

Some people think that buying a strap-on and a sex toy at $50 will be good enough in any sex toy shop. It can be a start but remember it won’t last and you won’t have great sensations with it.  On the quality and pleasure aspect they might be disappointing.

What has the response been?

The response has been amazingly positive. Every week we receive emails from our customers expressing their satisfaction and excitement at the fact that they finally feel they have a sex toy company that does it all and uniquely speaks to them – to their needs and desires.

Tell me about Fusion your most popular toy. Why do you think this is such a hit?

The fusion sex toy is the big hit. The fusion is a sex toy for harness that we designed with a clitoral bumper on the wearer side. For decades sex toy for harness were only one way (penetration) now they are two ways. The wearer is having stimulation on her clitoris while the receiver is having penetration stimulation. Typically lesbian couples are use to make love pleasuring one partner at a time. The Fusion now allows both partners to have pleasure and get an orgasm both at the same time.

What should someone consider when buying a sex toy as a gift for a partner?

The girl wearing the harness should consider what sex toys size her partner is willing to receive and not the size she would like to wear. Ask your girlfriend what size she wants and don’t start too big.  WetForHer has created a size chart with finger as a reference for sex toy sizes. 1 finger is for a small sex toy, 2 fingers medium size and so on.  Easy to understand…

What has been your biggest revelation or surprise since starting Wet for Her in 2009?

One of our biggest surprises was to discover that American lesbians are actually more into sex-toys than French lesbians.  The French are not that liberal after all when it comes to sex!

It was also interesting to see that the choice of sex toy size is different. French buy more small dildos when American buy Medium and Large sizes. American girls dream bigger than the French.

Your products are 100 % silicone and phthalate free. What does that mean and why should we care?

Yes all our sex toys are 100% silicone without Phthalates and other toxic materials. Here is bit more information about how sex toys are manufactured:

The sex toys industry is not regulated by the FDA meaning that you can manufacture sex toys in whatever material you want. I would say that 85% of the sex toy on the market are made in very poor material with phthalates, and other carcinogenic‬ toxic materials. Usually those sex toys are very cheap and smell badly.

Phthalates are used to soften the toys and make the production cost cheaper. They can potentially cause cancer. They have been banned for children toys as children were bringing their toys to the mouth. When you use a sex toy it goes in your body, it melds with your mucous and if there are some phthalates and toxic materials it will go into your blood.

To prevent any disease and to be on the safe side I would HIGHLY recommend if you don’t know in which material your sex toy is made off to put a condom on it. The only material that is safe is silicone but at 100%. Meaning it only contains silicone. If on a packaging or website description is not mentioned ‘100% silicone’ then it’s not safe for your body.

Wet For Her and the other brand on our website are guarantee 100% silicone. Manufacturing sex toy with 100% silicone is far more expensive than PVC, jelly with phthalates. As always cheap products will not last and always have something going wrong.

What’s next for Wet for Her?

We will be opening Australia website in next month and of course we have some new sex toys coming for Valentine’s.

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