Sex toys, in which materials are they made?


What are sex toys made of?

On the market you can find tones of sex toys from $10 up to $150. Why such a difference in price?

Sex toys can be manufactured with Latex, vinyl, elastomer, plastic, silicone, APS plastic, jelly, glass, wood, stainless steel, and other materials…. and those materials define the price. Silicone is very expensive compare to jelly, for example.

The main aspects that should be taken into consideration when buying a sex toy are: porous or not? Safe for your body?  Odorless or not? Information about this on the internet is scarce. So here are some tips and some useful advice:


Why is porous important? If the sex toy is porous that means you will have to put a lot of lube on it to get it wet. Even if your girl is very, very excited, the sex toy will dry her out very quickly, and you’ll be giving more attention to your sex toy than your girl.

– Porous materials: jelly, elastomer and cheap plastics
– Non-porous materials: silicone and ABS plastic


Safe for your body? Did you know that sex toys are not regulated by the FDA in the US? This means that manufacturers can put any materials to manufacture them without informing you. The cheapest sex toys are usually made of jelly, plastic and contains phthalates and other cancer-causing materials. If you don’t know what your favorite sex toy is made of, we highly recommend you to put a condom on it.

If you have any allergies you must stay away from Latex (condoms, too) and other cheap sex toys that may contain some latex without informing you.

Silicone is the safest when it’s 100% silicone and ABS Plastic. They are both phthalates free.

WFH-TWO-PURPLE_23095_1Odorless? This is something you might have never thought about. Cheap sex toys are made with poor materials that positively stink. What could be more unpleasant when making love to your girl than having an odd chemical smell? The sign of a sex toy to avoid! If you really want to enjoy the moment properly, choose 100% silicone or ABS plastic.

The two sex toy materials that we would recommend to you? 100% silicone or ABS plastic. More expensive, but they won’t disappoint you and compared to $10 sex toys, these have a much longer life. If you don’t see “100% silicone” or “ABS plastic” on the packaging or website, then it means there’s something else in it.

Have a look at our sex toys on They are odorless, phthalate free, and 100% silicone.

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