Water-Based VS Silicone – Which Lube to Use?


For many women, personal lubricant (or “lube”) is not just a way to enhance their sexual sensation; it’s a necessity for pleasurable, comfortable lesbian sex! However, there is so much misinformation about lube, and about why women might need or want to use it, it’s no wonder many people hesitate to try it. And for many women that have used lube, they found that it was uncomfortable, overly sticky, or just plan un-sexy. The truth is out there, though, and there is a perfect lube for every body!

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Strap-on sex toys : how to select the right one ?



When it comes to selecting the right strap-on sex toy for your harness play, you can easily find hundreds of sex toys in stores and on adult websites – and that huge variety can make it difficult to decide which dildo is going to be the perfect fit for you. Is it going to fit my harness? Is it going to remain stable during lovemaking? Will it feel good for me, as well as for my girlfriend?

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Strap-on harness Joque Style or Panty-Brief harness Style?

Joque strap-on harness or panty style

Strap-on play has come a long way since the 1980s, when the only available harnesses were big, bulky, uncomfortable, and complicated. Between the expensive leather harnesses with buckles, awkward looking plastic harnesses, and affordable (but flimsy) washable harnesses, the choices women today have are varied – but very few of those styles have been designed by actual harness users. As a result, despite the variety available in harnesses, many women steer away from using a strap-on harness with their partners, because they find the overwhelming number of options confusing.

Thankfully, times have changed, and Wet For Her® is pleased to help you learn about the new generation of harnesses!

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Strap-ons harnesses versus Double ended dildo

strap-ons vs strapless sex toys

In the great search for the perfect pleasure toy, many couples consider using a strap-on toy because of its versatility.  Yet, some women hesitate when looking for a strapless sex toy  also called double ended dildo to share with their girlfriends or wives, in part because it’s difficult to wade through all of the different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles on the market. And sadly, many more have had the disappointment of purchasing what they hoped would work for them, only to find out that it was ill-fitting, or the wrong size or shape, or it simply just didn’t hold up well.

Strap-on and strapless dildos are a bit different in their preparation for use. With a strap-on dildo you can be ready in a second and give pleasure ot your partner without the need for the giver to be exited. The strapless dildo requires the wearer to be turned on to enter the bulb in her. The receiver will need to excite her partner so her vagina moistens and opens to insert the bulb in the wearer. The more exited the wearer is, the easier the bulb will enter.

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Union : the new Double ended lesbian sex toys


This is the sex toy bestseller for lesbian couples. The double ended dildo is unique because it truly becomes part of you, feeling like an extension of your body. Providing simultaneous pleasure for lesbian couples, there’s no harness to slip into.  It’s skin-to-skin, total intimacy, with nothing in between you and your partner.

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How to choose your strap on harness

WET FOR HER Legs and heel pics

How to choose your strap on harness

You want to make love to your girl and go hands-free? Strap-ons are just what you need. Your first thought might be “Straight sex?!”, but then surely the next idea to run through any hot-blooded lesbian’s head would be how fabulous it’d be to make love to a girl hands-free, enjoying a woman’s body? And what’s more, to be able to choose the size of the dildo, with no erectile-disorder, guaranteed!

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Sex toys, in which materials are they made?


What are sex toys made of?

On the market you can find tones of sex toys from $10 up to $150. Why such a difference in price?

Sex toys can be manufactured with Latex, vinyl, elastomer, plastic, silicone, APS plastic, jelly, glass, wood, stainless steel, and other materials…. and those materials define the price. Silicone is very expensive compare to jelly, for example.

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